Alva Noe 가 편집에 참여한 Vision and Mind

23. On the Brain Basis of Visual Consciousness  부분 키워드 요약

A Sensory Motor Account

Sensorimotor Contingencies

– Qualiative Charactacter of Experience

Dance개념을 소개하기 위한 두가지 예

– Braitenberg’s vehicles

– Missle Guidance System
Peceptually Coupled

Visual Awareness
  – Driver “Automatic Pilot”

Visual Consciousness
  – transitively

Visaual Experience ? – Not Occurs inside animal…
–  Porsche driving 핸들,기어,편안함에 대한 기억
–  Standing Before Red Wall “do” felt chracter가 있긴 하지만
(부정안함) instrinsic or defining properties 가 아님.

The ineffability of Qualiative Character of Experience
  – 빨간색을 느끼는 것, 포르쉐를 운전하는 것 -> Illumination을 제거하는 것

What the sensory Modal is?
– Muller’s (1838) classic concept of “specific nerve energy”

Is the Visual World a Grand Illusion? (Journal of Consciousness Studies controversies in science & the humanities)

The Grand Illusion Hypothesis
-Blackmore et al. 1995,   Dennet 1991,1998…..

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